Hot Wheels Tri & Stop Me.

Reportedly designed to replicate, but fictionalize a more streamlined version of Can Am Spyder.


Can Am’s new, pared-down, 600lb, $8,500-10,000 Ryker. (rally version pictured in Army Green)

I wonder how much it would cost for some bodywork for the front engine lid, and a slick windscreen, and grafting on a cafe racer style tail, and maybe paint the wheels metallic gold (Hot Wheels Faster-Than-Ever wheels are gold painted concave 5-spokes on low-friction nickel-plated axles.)


Seriously, the only down-side to the Ryker, is the jumbled styling between the grille and the handlebars... smooth and sleek with a cowl windscreen like the Hot Wheels, tucking the digital dash and some modern LED headlighting under that windscreen would be the style this should have.

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