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For those who read about the drug addicts damaging my work truck the other day: Do you know what’s hilarious? My beloved SR5 was actually parked there, and is always parked there during the week, except for that day, because I had a random compulsion to move it when I got off work. I was like, I may go out for a nice drive in this weather, so I warmed her up and scooted forward for use later that afternoon. Don’t you see? I was that close to having that thing and dented up instead of the Tacoma. In which case I would have been beyond pissed and devastated.


It reminded me that life’s little randomness. Like how I met my wife, or why I’m pushing 30 but have a ponytail for some reason. I would love to get that pickup off the street and just park it in the backyard where it’s safe when stationary, as was the original plan.

But that spot on the street will need to replaced with another car... I have about 4 months to find it. My new nephew is on the way! The picture of the Celica is relevant because I’m hoping to look at that one tomorrow.

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