I’ve made a decision but I have yet to tell anyone in my personal life, you weirdos are hearing about it first.

I’m going to apply for a land grant in my county. It might be a 3-5 year wait but eventually I could be deeded a small plot of land, probably around a quarter acre. I could then have my very own house built.


I have exceptional credit and am in good standing with my bank. I feel like I have good odds to get a decent home loan with a good interest rate. The payments would end up being like an average mortgage payment, which is totally doable for me.

I could go cheap prefab, or even just get some plans drawn up and have it built. My mom’s closest friend is a contractor who built his own home, and I’m sure he’d give me a break on labor.

It wouldn’t be anything fancy but this seems like a good way into home ownership for someone like m who would otherwise never be able to save up for a down payment.

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