Life of Jake Update Thing (Not dead, despite other people's best efforts)

So I just realized it’s been months since my last post so here’s a bullet points of the ups and downs of the last little while:

Got a new job

I’m now a systems administrator and web specialist at a managed IT firm, meaning we do contract IT work for dozens of businesses in the Wichita area. I’m enjoying it.


Fixed my bike

Went on a website that custom-makes jet kits for you based on your bike and mods, figured out the proper jet sizes (two larger than stock on the main, one larger than stock on the pilot, and two shims, if I remember correctly). The bike ran flawlessly. Finally pulled like it should on the highway. This picture was taken 20 minutes after fixing the bike and roughly 10 minutes before the following

Wrecked my bike


So, uh, ~the lawyers~ don’t want me posting specifics. Dude ran a red light. I got the short end of the “not hitting crossover SUVs” stick. Bike is gone. I am not, but I’ve had better times.

Modified my car


The NC got some yellow-dot RX8 take off sway bars. Massive handling improvement. It also got the (shockingly clean) brake fluid changed out for Motul DOT6 and some Motorcraft trans fluid. Would really like to do Koni Sport shocks and Progress springs but that’s a lot of $$$. Tax return, possibly?

Re-started my Youtube channel


Aiming for weekly uploads but... that’s not going so well since the accident. Expect car stuff and maybe computer stuff.

Check it out at:


Got a... thing?


This isn’t officially mine yet since I absolutely have nowhere to put it but I got a free project car to kick the channel off. The least desirable Z car ever, a 280ZX 2+2 without a Nissan engine in the bay. Something else will go in. It will get hacked up. It will be... content? Think Rotsun but with far more trailer park. I’m thinking of calling it Datsun Oxide.

Fostered a thing


On the left is our cat Jiwon. On the right is our foster kitten Lemony. Its owners aren’t able to have it at the moment so it’s come to live in our apartment zoo for a while.

Fixed a bike


Fixed this 2004 V-Star 650 for my bosses friend. It stopped running on the side of the highway after running out of gas and new gas didn’t fix it so obviously the solution is to let it sit for 3-4 years. The carb on this was glued solid with how much grossness was in it. It got:

Ultrasonic carb clean

Rebuilt with a rebuild kit

Front tire

All new fuel lines

All new fuel line clamps

New fuel filter

New fuel pump

Oil change/filter

Some fasteners drilled out because Yamaha is the most garbage motorcycle manufacturer I’ve ever come across and this is by a long shot the worst bike I’ve ever worked on or ridden. The fasteners weren’t the least of my issues with this thing... literally everything about it is designed to be hostile to work on.


Even more annoying is how well it worked after I did all that to it. No 2nd or 3rd attempts to fix it. It just worked. Absolute bullshit. No project I’ve ever owned has been that easy.

Buying a house

Ye this is a fun one. Hopefully signing a contract this week, then I’ll have a garage to do things in.


Went on a road trip


Went with some friends to Arkansas to drive the roads there. Was a very good time. Not pictured: heavily modded white NC, Z3M coupe, BRZ on RE71Rs.

Bonus cat pictures


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