So two days before I left for work training/vacation I found this cat with a mangled foot. The vet thinks she may have been caught in a trap. Miraculously, she did not end up needing it amputated, but she has some severed tendons and four weeks later it still isn’t healed. Lucky she’s cute, because boarding at the vet was not cheap.

Strike one, savings account.

While I was out of town, the kennel also took my dog to the vet because she was limping. Surprise, it’s osteosarcoma, so my dog now has three legs and is on chemo.

Strike two, savings account.

Between them I haven’t been two days without a vet visit, neither of them will sleep through the night, and I was stuck in end-of-year work hell until yesterday. I’m in a spiral of exhaustion and depression.


Today my dad decides to berate me for not sending an effusive thank you for the (wrong) toy car (and now I can’t afford the correct full-size one anyway) and admittedly nice photography book I got for Christmas. It’s just not been the top of the priority list. I explained the situation and I guess now he’s not speaking to me. So much for sympathy.

Please let 2018 be better. I mean, I already know my dog is going to die, but maybe everything else can go better?