Things about life ahead. Corvette buffer image

A few months ago I posted about my current life status. Things were rough then, I had a girlfriend facing eviction and a dead end job that I hated. Since then, things have both gotten better and worse.

1. The girlfriend.

A few weeks after I told you all about her facing being kicked out of her home due to quitting her job after being robbed, she figured out how to coax her folks into letting her stay. It was a long heartfelt conversation that made them realize the error in their ways. She’s now got a new job which she loves doing the stuff she loves: selling video games.

The bad part: were no longer together...well it’s a long story. We had some arguments and we ended our relationship, but were still very much friends. More than friends, if you feel me. She’s doing a lot better now, she’s made herself happy, and I’m proud.


2. Work

I quit Publix. It got to a point where I realized that they didn’t care about employees, only numbers...the starry eyed promise of the founder to take care of the employee was gone. That plus the never ending headaches of retail pushed me to an edge where I finally said “fuck it” and put in my two weeks.

Now I’m working a bridge job to keep myself afloat where I’m shopping and delivering groceries. I enjoy the freedom it gives me to choose when I work and how much I work, and also allows me time to study for school and such. It’s not a career, but it’s keeping food on the table.


3. School

I still feel like I’m wasting time at Uni.

I have friends who never went to school and are out here making big money, buying project cars left and right. They’ve offered me jobs, which I had to turn down because of school. I wouldn’t feel this way if I was actually succeeding in school, but I’m not...I’m studying and working as hard as possible and I’m not doing so solidly this semester. I really want out...


...problem is, my mom doesn’t want me out. She’s part of the old fashioned stigma that college = success, something she never got. She doesn’t want me to make the same mistake, and I understand that. But I can’t shake the feeling that I’m wasting my life away.

4. Future plans.

I’ve decided that I kinda want to go into automotive journalism. I love writing, I love photography, and I love cars, and seeing people like DeMuro, Hoovie, etc. get big doing This is highly inspirational. I’m just trying to find out where to start and how to get my name out there.


Anyway, that’s where I stand. If you read all this, thank you. I hope I can figure my shit out and do what I want to, but it might take some time,