Youngest daughter is going in to have her adnoids removed (not sure of the spelling and not care) tomorrw, have to be up early, stomach has been on the fritz lately (when i eat I feel sick, and I;m not all that hungry lately) work has been shit, half the shop up and quit, the general manager threatened to fire the service manager (because ts his fault hes an asshole to everyone) one of our service advisors is being forced out because hes a dick too and likes to work the system, my employee has been a crab ass and wants a raise during all this, but hates one of the techs that IS still working and refuses to just GET ALONG since he's making us money and I;m gonna go have another beer and get off this toilet where once again, I ATE, and now I feel shitty. Beer will help, too bas I only have cheap shit.

Im gonna go watch some russian car crash dashcam videos on youtube until I fall asleep or something. Then maybe work on my Trans Am after the doctor tomorow. Found a fucking crack in the pillar where the striker is on the driver's side. Greart, something else to weld up. Can't believe I never seen it before now.