Life Update

For the past month, I’ve been going to Antioch College and adapting to small town Midwest life. Everyone who lives in this town either drives a) Subaru, b)German car, c)Volvo, or d) Toyota. American cars aren’t common. I spotted a Polestar blue S60 going in town...there are also quite a few Volvos.

Classes are fascinating and my class is pretty small at 40 something people. I’m now working in the Media department as someone who does AV at events and equipment room checks. I’m also a reporter for the student newspaper....and stacked on my credits.


The food is pretty good. I had goat stew at lunch. Delicious.

My then-full box of tea is nearly empty. I just bought a 12 oz bag of beans for espresso. Thanks Aeropress!

Oh yeah, rant. Piece of shit in my class is basically ruining another dude’s life. POS is a functional drunk. Dude is an alcoholic who just got out of juvie. Dude also has lots of psychological issues with his father. POS who is broke to shit persuades dude to buy cigarettes, booze, and other drugs so he can get his kick. Dude was also hungover every morning from orientation to week 1 of classes. (2 full weeks of drinking every night). You know when dude is drunk. POS is just sweaty and nasty, and he’s functional as fuck even with alcohol. After dude broke up with his GF in the first week, (sigh) he moved in with POS. POS has led dude onto this horribly destructive path while reassuring everyone that he’s “regulating” dude’s alcohol levels. Ugh. Fuckin’ POS.

Dude needs to see someone and talk about his issues, not drown his sorrows with cheap beer. Fuck POS in general.


Meanwhile, I just finished the “training” for the woodshop so I can start on my speakers! YAY!

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