Life Update

So I’ve been kind of waiting till the dust had settled to post anything. Due to the dearth of content that winter brings and some pushing, I felt that now was a good time. Everything has been going pretty good, btw. Also, forgive me as I really don’t know how much detail I should really go into just to satisfy my own ego and humblebrag.

Primarily, on the job front, I have been working a temp gig doing corporate level customer service at a major clothing retailer. The job has been miserable but recently I have received quite a stellar offer from the federal ‘gubmint, doing real estate work via the army. Short story, as an entry level job it will carry me pretty much where I want to be, the pay scales nicely and I can live at home until my debt is thoroughly butchered. So, my life can actually begin in earnest. I thought I would be happier, but really after two years of looking for a career in business (which should have been much easier to find) all I feel is worn out. Kind of a running theme honestly. I’m thinking I will just need a little while to recover from the stress.


I am currently waiting to pass my security clearances. It’s just a basic government clearance since I won’t be handling sensitive material. It was originally supposed to be due on 12/10, and I have no idea what is taking so long (other than the holiday). Pisses me off as I can’t give my 2 weeks and quit my current job until I know what the deal is. Now that I don’t HAVE to put up with peoples bullshit it makes it that much harder.

The cars you ask? Pretty darn good. The focus ST is a great car but I am currently experiencing a common issue with headlight condesation that has built up on one side and shorted my DRLs. Waiting for a good time to take it to the dealer. Mostly, the only thing I don’t like about the car besides wishing I would have shelled out for the nicer interior is the “fun” factor. The car is fast and handles excellently. It rides well and is excellent on interior space. between the turbo lag, the gearing, and the lack of an LSD I can’t get the car to misbehave or hook up at all. Any time I wind the car up it is already double the legal speed. It feels extremely pedestrian to drive everyday and I’m not even getting the benefit of the manual as I am either completely skipping gears or shifting nonstop. To do it over I wish I would have just gotten an economy car to daily like a honda fit or something and saved the money for another project or something. It is a super slick car though. I can imagine on a track it would just sing.


The trans am still needs what I guess would be substantial work, but I am hoping it will be street legal for july. We’ll see how that goes. Still have to repair a body bolt, diagnose and fix the heat/ac blower motor, front brake rotors and calipers, and some other tidying up. While I cannot detect any play in the front suspension, the ball joints are original to the car and I can’t imagine they are still good. The issue is not replacing them, the issue is that everything I want to do with them out will add up to another huge time commitment and put inspection back by probably another month.

So pretty good right? I also got a serious girlfriend for the first time in forever. nothing much to add other than I have no idea what I am doing and apparently that works just fine. I get the impression that it’s best not to think to hard about these things. This year has been a heck of a turnaround.


now, what to blow that first paycheck on....

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