Life update on the new job

So, a little less than a year ago, I posted about being apprehensive towards taking a new position at a car wash/car care chemical company. For those who haven’t seen recently, some bigger changes happened and I just wanted to put words to uh. digital paper, I guess. Hope it helps someone.

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Not to be blunt, but I just can’t believe I’m actually typing these words out - I was made vice-president of the entire company. I head up the car wash/detergent side. Another VP heads up the pharmaceutical side. I was told the title was “eliminated” to kick out our old VP, but effectively I am head of R&D, Manufacturing, QC, environmental, and purchasing. In other words, everyone reports to me.

....I am 29. Twenty. Fucking. Nine. This was what I was gunning for as a position in my 40s. Nope. Apparently we’re moving all that up. And to top it off, I have been seeing some professional development coaches/therapists to help with the transition. I have been for the past 3 months or so and I heard today that my suspicions were correct - They *chose* me. Not just an arbitrary selection after sacking a woefully underperforming VP.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I am good at this job, but I wish the transitional period would be smoother. I’m still our sole R&D chemist so I’m trying to move our product lines forward while literally running most of the company. It’s been a trying couple of weeks, so far.


But for all the issues and stress? I’m glad I pulled the trigger. Less than a year in and I made VP. As a chemist. Who spent a fair amount of his day with the manufacturing labor, making the production line more efficient. To those who encouraged me to go for it....Yeah, that was 100% the right call. I had dinner with my old boss last week to put a cap on this. My old company went to shit and the old coworkers I liked are asking if there are positions at my new place. And turns out I now have the power to hire and fire >:)

But anyways, just wanted to say thanks, Oppo. The past year has been a roller coaster and the next year won’t be much smoother. But I may have found a place to call my own for a while. And hey, if anything else happens, I might be in line to lead the company in my early 30s! That’s something, right? Considering I was hired 100% from the outside and am not a shareholder or family member.

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