a sweet old Galaxie 500 I snapped on a spring break trip to Charleston, SC

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t been around in awhile, but I miss you guys. That said, I have tried to focus a lot more on my offline life since it’s my last semester of high school. I’ve hung out with my friends more, made some new ones, and even recently (poor timing since I leave for college in 4 months, I know) started going out with a girl I really like. I’ve also been focusing on finishing senior year just strong enough to keep my college scholarship for next year, and I’ve been doing a ton of extracurricular stuff, too. The old GX has been running like a clock for the 10,000 miles and 14 months I’ve owned it, and the list of things I eventually want to do to it just keeps growing and growing. However, those plans will likely stay shelved until awhile after college, as I will have to take out student loans, but whatever, nothing unexpected there. After the Christmas season, orders on the euro plates stopped coming in pretty much entirely, and I know that not everyone who was interested got one (so, reminder, they are available HERE!). I’ve also gotten a lot more into photography since getting my camera, and really enjoy just going out and shooting. Anyway, I’m gonna try to be a little more active on here once, especially once exams are over early next month. Now, some more pictures I’ve taken!

Me, stepping on a rock in a park, Late Dec.
One of my friends I that I shot with at a park in town, Late Dec.
Some table dressing at a friend’s wedding reception, Feb.
the ringbearer at said wedding, bearing a ring of dough, Feb.


One of my friends untentionally posing like Sasquatch on the beach in SC, Mar.
Rainbow Row in Charleston, Mar.
Sunset over Charleston waterfront, Mar.


And finally, some shots I took on a youth group trip last weekend in AR.