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Life updates and talks. Peter Black edition

Lots of shit went down, so I feel like I need to write it down to keep track of it and plan crap. read if you want, ignore if not. But I will give you a sweet bike photo at the end :)

work: Still at the same job. Motorcycle sales. Its just now starting to pick up and had the first bike sale of the year for me today, so thats good. time for that commision to start coming in again. Oh the bright side, i entered the year with 0 debt, so yay!

Still doing school online. marks arent the greatest so far (1.95 GPA, I need a 2 to finish) but I have another 2 years to pull it up. I, pretty sure I can. Just need to follow the profs notes and pointers a little more carefully

Lady friend left me. Wanetd to be single again. I took this way harder then I was expecting. 2 year, 3 months. just gone. Shes okay with being FWB..so eh?

On that. I decided I want revenge. how? i want to get into the best shape of my life, so that when I see her again to make her regretfull and jealous. extremely stupid and petty reasoning? oh yea. a lot more motivational then “new year, new me”? you bet. So an hour a day, 6 times a week.

Health wise, everything looks to be okay. My eye sight has started to fail from my surgury a few years ago, so i will have to get glasses for night driving. not a overtly big issue at the moment, but it did cause some concern. I’ll have to see how it goes.

Now, the juicey part. Vehicular updates.

lexus is still running strong. 182K km at time of writing. It will need spark plugs, the intake cleaned (dam DI motors) and the brakes looked at. I did them last year, but I’m getting a vibration from the front and the left side calipers seem to grab before the right side. not good.

As far as the bikes are concerned, none of mine have sold yet. Not the BMW, not the Z, not the track bike. I have solid leads on 2 of them, but nada on the BMW. oh well.

Once those are gone, I will be getting the 675 I was talking about. that 848 i still really want, but I have to take a closer look at finances to see if I can actually afford it. I might be able to. The original plan was to have both. but if I need to have eye surgury again that wont be happening. Maybe a 749 instead.

other then tha...eh. I was really knocked back by the (now ex) gf thing...but I feel like I’ve somewhat regained my mojo and things are on the up swing again. Even some how got a date on friday. hopefully that goes somewhere 

As long as I stay busy and not think about her I think i’ll be fine.

So yea. how have you guys been?

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