“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

This week will be busy.

Check cleared for the BMW, so I need to mail him the title and paper work. With that, the triumph is now more then 1/2 paid off (yay!) and its time to sell the Z. Might relist it this week. Also doing to list my track bike. I want a matching daytona to my street bike (for a variety of reasons, including easier to justify spares)

school is going well! All of my marks for far have been...concerningly high. I’m used to being a mid to high 60s student. last course I finished with a 81, and my 2 current courses are at an 84 and 97 respectivly. I have concerns. Likely to do with this weeks homework load.

WHICH: 3 forum discussions, x 3 replies to each, plus a weekly essay, plus a 6 page group essay, + research essay for one class and a 2500 word essay for the other....worth 40% of my final mark (!!!!!!!)

so, thats.....4 essays due by sunday. bleh.

friday I have off. going out with some toronto oppos for wings and a drink...might have a date for that night so yay!

Also mucked my knee up going skiing -.-’ no leg day at gym for a bit. but tattoo on the arm is fully healed, so I can do arms double time now. well, arms and core.

Weather is really nice right now too. going to get the CBF registered for the road this year and might take it out for friday for a quick spin.

Also, currently am car swapping with a friend. I wanted to see how bad it would be living with a atick for my daily commute. I have his 2009 GTI until sunday. APR exhaust and tune. little thing scoots :)

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whats up with the rest of you guys? hope all is good in your respective hoods

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