I totally forgot to post about the new ride we picked up a few weeks ago! My wife’s lease, a Lincoln MKC, was turned in yesterday so we were on the hunt for a replacement. I asked about this prior and we were looking at an F pace for bit. We don’t have kids or really any need for an SUV so she wanted to step in to a fun car. We found the cutest blue 911 available and snatched it up!! It has a few things it needs, but overall feels like a good purchase.

And here she is! 2015 VW 911 36k miles 1.8t automatic

It is relatively base and in need of some TLC in places, but the deal felt good (well below budget!) and the wife is happy. I’ve already picked up some things to spruce up the base feel a little; touch up paint for the half-assed job done from the prior owner and chrome door handle covers ($8 on ebay, if they look too mexi-beetle I can toss them with no worries). I also picked up some chrome tape to run a strip down the black door molding. If you search google, some of the bugs have body painted door molding, some have painted with a chrome strip, others have black with a chrome strip. I figure I can recreate the black with chrome strip pretty easy.

Here is the crap touch up job I mentioned. It’s all over the front of the hood as well, but the driver fender is the worst. Looks like nail polish to me.


The chips were down to the metal. I’d like to get a few more layers of touch up to level it out some, but it’s already much better than it was. Unfortunately (for me at least) the touch up paint is in the form of a paint pen...which has been interesting to work with.


In a very bad turn of events, we picked the beetle up on 6/20 then my wife fell down the stairs and broke her ankle 6/21. So she hasn’t been able to drive (or do much of anything really). She is recovering and doing well, no worries there!

It’s 170 hp with about 500 lbs on my abarth (160 hp for reference) so nothing to really brag about. With that said, I’ve driven it around some and it’s surprisingly pleasant. I’ve read the 1.8 responds well to mods, but I don’t think the wife will care too much about that.

Other things I’m adding to the want list:
gray Beetle floor mats to lighten the interior up, stainless door sill/step, RCN210 radio (alternate OEM radio w/ built in bluetooth and USB), chrome exhaust tips,and sport pedals (more shiny stuff). Finally, if a good deal comes up on craigslist for a nicer OEM wheel/tire combo I would definitely pick that up.


Reading what I’m wanting to do, it may sound like I want it to look like I went to town with the autozone chrome, but it’s more to match the higher trim level OEM look - i hope.