And life with only one device connected to the Internet is severely limiting.

Last night my Internet connection started to act up. Changing cables and trying different routers didn’t make a difference. I could get the connection to work if I connected my primary desktop to the cable modem and hit the reset button on the modem. I tried the automatic help on the phone, and then spoke to an agent, but neither option got me back up to speed on all devices.

Since I have streaming TV with them, they viewed my outage as more urgent than if I just had Internet. Thankfully that meant that they came out to look at the problem today instead of waiting until a weekday. The tech came out and did all sorts of tests, including checking the lines outside, but nothing seemed to get things going reliably again.

He was about to throw up his hands and walk off, telling me that everything on their end was fine so it must be something I own causing the problem, leaving me awfully pissed off and without a decent connection, but I wasn’t going to let that happen. Sure, all of his tests said that the connection and the modem were fine, but obviously there was still an issue.


If the cables, in and out, are all good, and the computer is good, and swapping routers didn’t make a difference, there must be something, one common part, that must be causing the problem. At my insistence, and very reluctantly I might add, he installed the spare modem that he brought in, and what do you know, everything started working! Sometimes you just have to throw out the test results and go with a hunch; after all, testing can’t catch every problem with a device. I’m certain that the same thing applies in the automotive world, with a part that meets specs but doesn’t work.

This gave me an opportunity to finally upgrade my network. I’ve got a pile of routers laying around here, including a pretty speedy N750 unit and a range extender that I just installed. I recently picked up an Asus AC1900 router that needed a little repair (JB Weld to the rescue), and that’ll probably be even faster. But whatever - I’ve got decent range and speed now, and hopefully shouldn’t have any problems for the foreseeable future.