I was very surprised to see I have been doing something completely wrong (and no it wasn't turning the wrong way into a slide). Granted this does not mean I am saying I know everything about being a great driver. There are plenty of things I'm sure I could do better, but I am happy with my driving and I think I am a good driver in adverse conditions. Anyways, I had fallen into a bad mirror habit as it turns out. Granted it was the way I learned or the traditional thinking, but after I read the part about adjusting your mirrors the light bulb went off in my head. I also wonder why it never occurred to me before that there could be a better way. I thought that my car had a good amount of blind spots especially in my mirrors. Each day I was a little more weary of switching lanes because I never felt like I could see anything. Enter in the new way of doing things. I drove home today and could see cars coming from behind me in my mirrors. What a trip! I even angled them up a bit because I really have no idea why I had them pointed down at all. I'm in a low car, why do I need to see how even the yellow lines are painted, and how my rear wheel looks with that rubber on it. Crap, in 8 years I still haven't learned a damn thing. Here's to hoping. Am I the only one? Did you find anything useful?