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(Ok, so it turns out they suck for security, but they’re still good enough for what I need. Don’t secure your priceless artifacts with these.)

My shopping sprees this week to recover from my multiple Jeep thefts reminded me I needed to take a moment to promote my newest analog technology crush: Masterlock’s Directional Padlock.


I use the gym a lot more than I used to, and because my eyesight has never been all that great, I’ve struggled mightily with combination locks.

The Masterlock changed all that.

Not only is it trivial to use blindfolded, you use it one-handed, you can set your own combination, and it’s fast. 2-3 seconds and I’m done. It also stands out from the bland combination locks everyone else uses. It’s the perfect gym lock. I’ve now bought 4 (lost one, had one stolen this week, then decided I needed to keep spares of everything I rely on).

(This probably sounds like a paid promotion, but it’s not; however, if Masterlock wants to pay for a YouTube series from the world’s least knowledgeable Jeep mechanic, including a garage, lift, a junk Jeep to work on and someone to do the actual work, they’re welcome to drop me a note.)

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