I’m visiting my cousin in Iowa and I got to drive his lifted CRV. It has 2" strut spacers he made, and the 255/70/15 General Grabbers are 2" wider and 2" taller than the stock 205/70/15s. And are sitting on OEM Jeep Wrangler wheels It’s a work in progress, but I think it pretty awesome. It’s fun driving what is basically a small hatchback and looking down at crossovers.


The best part is, the car was in an accident, when the previous owner had it, they bought it back with a salvage title. Then they took it to walmart for new tires, and some one forget to tighten the lug nuts so a front wheel fell off and one stud broke. So the car was just sitting at his neighbors for months because they just decided to replace it rather than fix it again. So one day he decided to asks if they wanted to sell it, and the guy said “sure give me 125 bucks and get it outta here. At that price you couldn’t afford not to buy it.

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