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Here’s Why You Don’t Buy A Used Press Car

My experience with media fleet cars? Well, there was the Challenger SRT8 that went to IMPA’s Test Days with 3k miles and had its clutch destroyed, which pushed back my loan by a week while it was at a dealer getting a replacement. Then there was the ‘16 Mustang GT that was delivered with rear tires resembling race slicks. I found this out one morning on a wet onramp by my house, when the TC didn’t act quick enough to keep me from getting mostly sideways. Then there was the 2012 Grand Sport Vette which was a replacement for the Vette that got whacked so hard by a journalist it got shipped back to GM. Yep, that loan got pushed back a few weeks while they were finding a fleet replacement. So okay, the high-performance stuff gets used and abused which probably shouldn’t surprise anyone. But I bet a Kia presser is a safe bet...


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