Lifting a car using strut spacers — What does Oppo think? (Paging AestheticsInMotion)

A crazy idea has occurred to me, but I need Oppo’s advice.

Background: my MR2 deserves a second set of wheels/tires for daily driving. It currently sits on very aggressive Bridgestone RE-71R autocross tires that’ll wear out very quickly if I keep driving on them. In looking at wheel/tire setups, this question has occurred to me:

If I wish to do some “light offroading” in my MR2, would some 1” or 2” strut spacers be a good solution?


My car is already fitted with height-adjustable coilovers, which currently sit about an inch below their maximum height. I’ve taken measurements, and with strut spacers of 1-2” added, I would be able to fit a set of 15x7 wheels with 205/70R15 A/T tires.

If my research is accurate, this setup could be lowered back to autocross-able height by putting the autocross wheels back on and adjusting the coilovers down.

Is this accurate? Since the struts are height-adjustable, this lift should be a fully reversible process.


I don’t intend to do any high-intensity rock-crawling or rallying on this setup, I’d just like the ground clearance traction for gravel/snow driving. What do all y’all think?

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