I just watched a guy bench 315 for 8 reps, and he clearly had more in the tank. Probably 180-190 pounds, mid 20's.


I suddenly feel weak. Excuse me while I go eat donuts and cry.

I’ve been running every day to build up capacity for maximum hedonism in Thailand. And by running I mean elliptical, because 24 y.o. me is 1,000,000x less hardcore than high-school y.o. me.

I’ve also reintroduced pullups as a main staple of my lifting philosophy, because while focusing on powerlifting gainz has been fun... I really miss the strength-to-weight ratio I had in the gymnastics/handbalancing days.

“oh, you benched 2x bodyweight? That’s cool, hey you mind if I bust out 20 freestanding handstand pushups on the bar there? Thaaaanks


My squats are garbage, to which I say... Gymnastics background! I was making reaaaaally good squat gain about 6 months ago, but I fell off and don’t care enough to invest the mental rigidity needed to hop back on, especially a month out from a big trip. For now running and hiking is fiiiiine.

Deadlifts are good considering I hit my very first DL 6 months ago, but in the grand scheme of things my numbers aren’t competive at all. Yet. Still making easy gains on DL when I focus on powerlifting so I’m not too worried there.


Bench is the only semi-respectable lift, getting close to that


Tripple-plate 315

So how are my Oppo friends feeling fitness-wise?

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