H4 conversion for 7" sealed beams. Let’s lighten it up now.


Sealed beam headlights are crazy. The bulb, lens, reflector, are all one big blob of glass. The design is moisture proof, and basically shock proof. but the bulbs are also dim and there are limitations to what can be done with beam pattern. Low beam on these old ones is only 35 watts.

I bought some round headlights that will take an ordinary H4 bulb off of Amazon. They were very cheap, made in Taiwan, but reviews on forums and elsewhere gave them good reviews, and compared to the Hella units which cost way more and are made in India, the quality seems well enough.

Anyway, the way sealed beams are mounted is they’re held into an adjustable bucket by a retaining ring. The ring was originally held in my some screws and plastic mounts which had long since disappeared. The PO used some copper wire to secure the retaining ring, and I just copied them. Using galvanized wire instead because the nearest Home Depot somehow didn’t have any copper left.


With everything twisted up tight the new light is mounted surprisingly solidly. Low beams are brighter at 55 watts instead of 35, and high beams seem to put out a lot more light a lot higher up. Will adjust properly when it gets dark out. Then we’ll see how they hold up in real use, and if I’d have been better off springing for some genuine Hella or Cibie lights.

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