Hi my fellow Oppos!

First off, I am in Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m looking for a replacement Drivers’ Side (i.e. Left) headlight for my 2009 Hyundai Accent daily driver. It’s had a crack in it since I bought it used in 2013 and it’s been fine and not terribly noticeable until now. The crack is still not noticeable, but I did notice that water is starting to get into it and pool in the lowest-front portion of the light - not cool!

Any Oppos know a reputable (and cheap, but decent quality!) place to get a replacement new or used? There are no pick-and-pulls around where I live, and most places I’ve seen have costs of $150+ CAD or so to buy and ship one to me.

Any suggestions for somewhere I could try and look online? Already checked Ebay and Amazon...

Secondly...I really miss having foglights on my car during inclement weather. I could buy OEM-style lights for my car as mine never had them fitted from the factory, but that would require my purchasing the lights, plus a new bumper insert as well. The fogs were a huge help on my old 2002 Subaru Impreza when driving in snowstorms and fog, and I find the headlights alone on my Accent (even with somewhat upgraded bulbs) are still a little on the dim side on low-beam (high beams are fine).

Anybody have any suggestions for smaller-sized, reasonably-priced, usable fog/driving lights that are easy to mount and wire up (preferably so they can’t be turned on if the car’s ignition is set to off)? LED lights would be nice as they are low power draw and give a nice clear white light...

I’d probably want to mount them somewhere in/in front of the grill, as marked in this pic (not my car although exactly like my car [except mine doesn’t have the factory fogs], pic taken from Google):

Ignore the fog lights in the above pic because, as mentioned, those are the factory-option lights that my car didn’t come with. On my car, that whole lower ‘grill’ area where the factory-option fogs are fitted is just one big black solid plastic piece with no holes or useful indents, so no easy place to mount lights down there without it looking ugly or without a lot of hacking! The blue rectangle indicates where the little amount of water that has seeped in is pooling,

Thanks for any suggestions! :)