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Lightly toasted clutch

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Got the transmission out of the Mark ii, and yeah it definitely saw some heat. The flywheel has about the same glazing as the pictured pressure plate. I’m really surprised it never made any clutch smells. Surprisingly the disk still has a bit of thickness left (just barely)

Illustration for article titled Lightly toasted clutch

Rather than mess around with resurfacing the flywheel and potentially ending up with a bit less total clamp force, I decided to use it as a chance to upgrade to a lighter flywheel. I ordered that, a real main seal, and a few fasteners that I expect to have to replace. This will go with an Action clutch 2800lb pressure plate and a mk3 turbo supra stock clutch disk.

Hopefully in about 2 weeks I’ll get to experience it in all it’s sleeper-ey 1j turbo glory!

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