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I’ve been working on the Tomos quite a bit this last week. Got a new bigger 15/15 carb, which the bike now runs great with. I repaired, and simplified the wiring harness, so I have a taillight now!

I also got some purple LEDS mounted under the seat, might add another set on the under side of the tank/frame but just these too put off so much light I might not want more.

Illustration for article titled LIGHTS!

Unfortunately while I was working on the new carb I ended up breaking the throttle cable nut. I needed to adjust the length of the cable a bit and when I went to tighten it back up the aluminum nut just broke in half. A replacement was ordered on Saturday and should be here tomorrow. Then I can go ride again.  Oh also added the much needed basket! Basically quadrupled the cargo capacity 


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