Like a Rock

I have put on about 3000 miles on my work ‘rado so I figured it would be a good time to type up a quick review.

The good: It cruises really nicely, returns decent mileage, fits 4 adults with ease, and makes transporting my bike or boards too easy.


The bad: still a bitch to park around LA, there are a few pieces of plastic trim that are already broken, and since it’s not a crazy high trim, there is very apparent cost cutting.

Cruising: this is the first automatic I’ve driven as my own. I didn’t hate it, but it shifts too damn much to stay in the lowest gear possible. This wouldn’t be a big deal if it was snappy like a dsg but this is a slush box. However! I figured out a work around on my Yosemite trip last weekend. When cruising, or in hills, I keep it in tow mode. This holds gears and gives you a bit of engine braking. Honestly, it makes the transmission shift exactly like I would. It also fixes another minor nag. Tow mode increases the turn signal bump from 3 blinks to 6. I think 5 is my ideal number of blinks but 6 is better than 3. Other than that, it rides smooth and quiet, and has plenty of power for normal things. Apple car play is very nice on a trip as well

Mileage: I’ve been averaging about 20 mpg with a mix of hwy and LA traffic. This was calculated, not using the trip computer. It seems like the truck calculates about 10% better than actual mileage

Parking: this isn’t really the trucks fault. It’s just big and I’m used to driving small cars. Also spaces are tight here. My parking skills are improving by the day, though.

It didn’t fit in my friend’s driveway without blocking the sidewalk

Poor quality: I don’t know if this is the trucks fault or the dude that drove the truck for 6 months before I had it. Whatever, I’ll get it fixed.


Cost cutting: Missing the in bed lights the 2019's and higher trims had along with some other little things like that. Not a huge deal at the end of the day. I do wish it had more tie down points in the bed. My coworkers ugly 19 has at least double. Oh well, a small price to pay to have a pre-ugly version.

Overall, I really like having a truck. I get why they sell so well. Even if I didn’t like the truck, though, I can’t complain. It is a perk of my new job and any car that is paid for by someone other than you is a good car.


I apologize for any syntax errors. I’m on mobile and honestly can’t see the whole screen haha #kinja

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