Because F1 might be making a few more Middle Eastern stops if this report is true.

According to, Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins, is pursuing a buyout of CVC Capital Partners’ interests in F1. But that’s burrying the lead. He’s being backed by Qatar Sports Investments and apparently the Qataris ultimately plan to own all of F1.

Is this a good move? Some might think so considering the direction of F1. The teams are crying poverty but revenue is at record levels. The bosses are getting richer. Maybe it’s time to shake things up and get rid of those assholes.

But what makes us think that the new bosses will be any different from the old bosses? They’re going to be in it for the money too. And apparently the potential buyers want to keep ol’ Bernie involved even if he sells his shares. I’m sure we can look forward to several Qatar-bases Grands Prix in the future if this happen.


On the other other hand, would have an American backing the initial buyout be an opportunity for the sport to make gains in America? There were already rumors of the NY/NJ race potentially being back on the schedule. Put 2-3 races in America and maybe it could get some fans here.

So... should we be celebrating or breaking out the sunscreen?