Like, how far are we from this?

Because about every few hours, something changes that was unthinkable the day before, or the week before.


LESS THAN A WEEK AGO I went out to dinner and a live concert with my wife. We both worked the next day and the kids went to school. We went skiing over the weekend. None of those things are happening today other than both of us needing to be at work. She’s in charge of a very important piece of State Gov’t business and I work in IT at a university. I don’t see either of us being off work, although I might do more remotely because I can.

What’s next? All domestic flights? Any non-essential travel? Dogs and cats living together?


EDIT/UPDATE: And, like the virus itself, it starts in one place and spreads in pockets... California’s Bay Area is starting to lock down, “shelter in place.”

This is unreal. 

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