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Like to write about cars? We're looking for freelance writers! [Positions filled]

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EDIT: Aaaand it’s gone. Thank you all for applying! We picked up a bunch of great writers!


Hey guys, longtime Opponaut here. I’m working for an online aftermarket parts retailer, and I have been tasked with finding some knowledgeable freelance writers to contribute to our blog. I have already recruited a one Mr. HHFP, and he has been doing so well that my boss told me I need to get more.

(Full Disclosure: My company wanted me to find new writers so badly they sent me back to my cubicle and told me I wasn’t allowed to leave until I hired one or two more of you chuckleheads. In the interest of not coming off as spam/advertising, I will not be mentioning the name of the site, but it’s a multi-million dollar company that some of you will probably recognize. And yes, I cleared this post with the Oppo mods.) 


I’ve been at the company since 2015, but the blog is a pretty recent development for us. It was handed over to me to do a bit of writing and manage. We recently had a regime change here, and we’re finally able to do cool stuff that we want to do (within reason).

Apparently before me, my boss went through like 30 writers looking for anyone who could put a sentence together AND knew about cars. Luckily, Oppo is overflowing with car nerds who feed on correct grammar and pedantic automotive technical details alike. Ah, my people.


OK, so you might be thinking to yourself:

What do you want from me??

Illustration for article titled Like to write about cars? Were looking for freelance writers! [Positions filled]

We’re looking for a mix of informational articles, buyer’s guides, product announcements, and technical guides. I would like to come out with some industry news segments at some point, but the blog is still in its infancy.

You will have a lot of freedom in what you write within this framework. We’re definitely looking for color and personality, and the goal is to not come off like we’re constantly trying to sell. We want actual good content that people want to read and we want honesty. If you haven’t used a product, don’t say you have.


Your posts will be regularly featured in our email sends, on social media, and tied into related parts of the site for people to find while shopping. You will have full attribution for any content you write, and each post will be your real name, no pseudonyms. Also, this content needs to be exclusive to us for SEO reasons.

OK, how much are you gonna pay me then?

We pay by the piece. Here is the structure depending on length and research involved:

Short: ~250-500 words. New product announcements, quick guides/promotions

  • $50 depending on the research involved

Medium: ~500-2000 words. Standard blog article creation or rewrite of old SEO content

  • $75 up to $100 depending on length

Long: ~2000+. Ultimate guides, long-form content

  • $125-$150+ depending on length and complexity

Most articles fall in the 250-1000 word range. Having written here and there for a few online publications, this is right in line with what they pay for guest pieces of this level.


We pay monthly with PayPal, and you will be on a 1099.

Alright, how do I apply and what do you need?

The link below will take you to a Google form for you to fill out. We need your name, an email address so we can get a hold of you, and some examples of your writing. Depending on the response we get, we might offer up some topics to see how you do.


We’re looking for one or two right now. Maybe more in the future, but it really depends on the bandwidth of the people we get. At least one piece a week would be ideal.

Apply here (unfortunately this form requires a Gmail account. If that is a problem, let me know):

So if you find yourself writing this stuff for free anyway, maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing to make a couple bucks on the side as well!

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