I know each and every one of you probably read about our dear Jezza's series of public gaffes, embarrassments, revelations and instances of just being a miserable excuse for a human being that played out over almost a full decade, but seeing them listed chronologically is a special treat.

Go read Patrick George's fantastic compilation of Clarkson's public undoings here

Clarkson behaves like a good boy after each incident just long enough for our mild outrage to dissipate so the nagging thought that he's a miserable bastard fades our collective mind, replaced by week after week of road tests, stunts, and lots of laughter.


That's when Clarkson shows his hand again. He'll punch someone, say something subtly racist, insensitive or insulting, and we'll start the process again. We'll feel mildly outraged, not enough to refuse to watch Top Gear if he's allowed to continue hosting, no, but enough to feel a suspension is warranted. Enough that we'll discuss it, but our discussions invariably turn to how short we hope his forced absence is. Not only will we tune in to see this miserable pile of crap, we'll hope we can tune in again as soon as possible.

Maybe that's Clarkson's true genius, letting our outrage subside until, although consciously we know that this in #12 in a series, our new outrage has no past outrage to build on so once again we are upset like we'd be upset with a big dog. "Oh, Jezza, you are so bad!" we say while scratching his head. We can't stay upset with Jezza, not for long. We're fans of Top Gear, and Clarkson is the very heart of Top Gear, so we forgive and forget.