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Liked it. Were buyin' it. The family FLEX piece.

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This decision has been blessed by Pope Wife the first. A 2018 model, unboosted awd, 25k miles, 1 owner rental fleet. Tan leather with butt heaters. We are welcoming the Wagon Queen Family Truckster into our lives. The burgandy shows darker and more metalicy in real life. Boy do they drive nice. Still has a year of warranty left. 3rd person speaking Grind’s kids love it too.


It’s got a moving map. It talks to our phones. It has a few voice commands. It remembers seat positions. It tells us when shits behind the car or about to be. That’s really all we need. Climbing back in to the 2008 RAV to drive home felt awful springy and weird and it smelled funny after that new hotness experience.

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