Tags came in for the van. Ohio Beef and GRSTNK were approved!

Almost looks like the two beef are performing crude acts
Image: Me

Coming from Michigan, I had to pick up a plate base for the front end. Few buck at Autozone helped out there. Next move is to pick up these slicers from a guy south of me. Wants $100 for the set. Hard to pass on, especially when the wheel specs match stock.

May have to update the SVT badges to SHO now
Image: Ebay

I have a ton of real estate on this windowless van. Thinking of ideas to fill it up a bit, but not too much. I’m thinking two center stripes, or a quick set of side graphics. I already started my sticker collection on the back.


My biggest headache, is almost everything I can do to the van will come from Europe. There’s a huge market for these over there, and things like a roof spoiler, lowering springs, and body kits will all cost an arm n a leg to get over here. I’ve ordered a st of Polk DB speakers, crossovers, and tweeters to help with the sound quality. Crutchfield does an amazing job at throwing in all the accessories you need for an easy install. I’ve always ordered from them; they provide you clear instructions, harnesses, and brackets needed. They’ll even walk you through the process over the phone if needed. I’m excited to do that. With that, I’m going to line the shell with some soundproofing material. I haven’t researched the brands or anything yet, but I will once I get to that stage.

Beverly the Ruckus making a cameo!
Image: Me

Lastly, am going to axe the giant suitcase of a muffler on this thing, and throw on a Flowmaster 40 series. For a small 4-banger, the 40 series sounds pretty good on this thing.