Ok so the last few weeks have been hell in the Datassuns world .. Few weeks ago I wake up early Saturday morning, go pick up a buddy from north Austin , and then change the spark plugs and go to wash the car . When I get to the car was (the Gene on South Lamar) The car is running fine .. I was very excited to take my car to cars and coffee the next day but would soon find out that wasnt going to happen .

Once I got to the car wash I put the car in the hands of the wash and let them pull it around to go through the building washing machine thingy (you know what I'm talking about ) and when they went to pull it further the car wouldnt start ..

First thought is that the plugs I used were too cold .. they were NGK Racing plugs and I want to say they were 7's but I really dont remember .. me and my buddy now stuck together walked down south Lamar some 2.5-3 miles to get new spark plugs .. convinced the car wasn't getting enough spark . Came back, changed them, nothing .

Now we've got a shit show on our hands as tons of rich hipsters stand there staring at me and my pal struggling with this damn classic car . As I sit there working on my car (checking wiring issues) a guy walks up and he says "I'll pull my car over and give you a jump man one sec ... " as if I needed my car to be jumped SMH I started the process of elimination .. Engines need a few things to run like 1) Compression 2) Fuel 3) Spark and so on .. It was getting spark before and after I changed the spark plugs and took the long walk .. For some reason the car wasn't getting any fuel . I followed wires back to a relay that sounded like it had something inside of it bouncing around . Decided this has got to be the part and started to look for a replacement .. 2 weeks later after sending the part to Arizona to be rebuilt and sent back I put it in the car and get NOTHING ! jackshit ! NODDA! not a damn thing after 2 weeks with no fucking racecar .

Saturday I got pissed and just hot wired the fuel pump on in a last ditch effort to make it out to Harris Hill Raceway .. The car started right up when I did this and when I gave it a cunt hair of gas it died and flooded the motor . I call Triple A (The best investment of all time when daily driving a classic car) and had the car towed to my house in south Austin after 2 weeks of sitting at the car was .


Side Note : What a delight it was to see Matt Ferra driving out there at Harris Hill Raceway on the newest episode of Tuned even in the rain .. still badass . ..We made it out to Harris Hill on Sunday and was able to catch the last hour of the 3 hour endurance race (3 hours 1 tank of gas . Whoever goes the farthest wins ) but not before getting "Dazed and Confused" at Top notch . This is the burger joint matthew mcconaughey character "hollers" at the girl with curly red hair and invites her to the party . Great burgers and on Saturday they have movie night with lots of classic cars.. Before we left this showed up ..


Back to the problems with this thing


I expect that the ECU has gone out and thats why the car died the second I touched the gas .. makes sense to me but after being stumped multiple times I'm starting to doubt my hypotheses so any insight on the problem would be very nice ! Any Austin Jalop/Oppo that thinks they could help let me know...

Now that you've read all that I need a trailer and a truck to tow my car to Fort Worth where my 5.3 liter V8 , T56 6 Speed Transmission , and NEW ECU are waiting ..