And they have been reached. Just out of the gate, this is a discussion about LGBT issues, race issues, and bigots. If you don’t want to read about that, click away. But I need advice.

I am an employee of a company that contracts to the DoD, and I work on a DoD base in a research lab. Some of the government civilian employees I have to work with, and listen to all day, are the worst examples of alt-right bigotry you can imagine. It’s pretty much a constant coffee machine shouting match of anti-this or anti-that. Of course, being the month that it is, today’s tirade was about the Pride flag on youtube, and Pride events on base. I will say that as a whole, the base tries to do the right thing and just accept people.

But these guys had to go off on how stupid it is, and offended they are by “gay shit” and how management would “rue the day” they tried to get them to attend anything close to a Pride event, or training on the subject. And how it was a good idea they weren’t supervisors, because they wouldn’t put up with that stuff and those people.

I don’t care where you stand personally on the subject, but people are people no matter what. One of my best friends was a lesbian, and one of the best people I’ve ever known. She’s gone now, cancer, but hearing these idiots go off just makes it all hurt. It makes me mad. Talk about that at home, rage on about “those homos” and stuff I will not repeat about transgender people. Etc. It’s constant, and it’s horrible.

I just don’t know what I can do. Or what I should do. None of this is directed at me, but it definitely affects me. I just need some advice.