I recently heard about 20 people dying in a limo crash in upstate New York:

Of note, 18 of the 20 were in the limo. And what I found surprising is not a single passenger in the back of the limo survived like they probably would have in a regular vehicle.


Why is that? Well basically it seems that limos are dangerous.

Here is a crash test of a crappy old Lincoln Town car limo:

Newer limos like this 300C-based limo hold up better structurally:

But as you could see in the first video, the #1 issue is the lack of seat belts and/or seat belt usage by limo passengers.

Of course in the recent crash, it was a stretch limo that used the Ford Excursion as the base.

I looked for crash videos for the Ford Excursion and couldn’t find any. But here is a crash test of a 2006 Ford F250 that used the same basic chassis as the Excursion. The results are not good:

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