Lincoln Dealer is a jerk

So I posted earlier this week how I was interested in that Lincoln Aviator. It was a great deal and better priced than even the Explorers and Mountaineers in the area.

Well the page had no pictures on it. The truck was about 45 minutes away from me. I filled out the form saying hey shoot me some pictures I’m interested. I got a call that night from the dealership that went something like this (this all on Monday):

Dealer: Hello this is *Dealer* calling in regards to your interest in the Lincoln Aviator.


Me: Hi, yea I’m interested in the Aviator.

D: Well what can we do to get your business and have you in for a test drive?

M: I would like some pictures of the vehicle to make sure it’s in good condition before driving 45 minutes to an hour to go see it.

D: OK I’ll talk to someone about that, what can we do to get you in here?

M: Still need those pictures.

D: OK, do you have a trade in that you’d be bringing in?

M: Yes, a 2007 Mercury Milan

D: Alright great, and how many miles on the Milan?

M: 101,000

D: OK great I’ll make sure someone gets some pictures out soon.

M: Great I’ll keep an eye on my email thank you.


So no pictures show up the next day, website still has no pictures on it. So I figured I fill the form out again. I wiped my number out of it though because I didn’t want to repeat the exact same phone call and they already have it anyhow basically saying send me some damn pictures someone told me I’d get some on the phone.


Been checking all week on the website.

It’s gone, they sold it. Never posted a picture. I guess they didn’t want to sell it to me.

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