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Lincoln is having big problems with the new Aviator

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I know is a new platform and everything and some kinks take time to iron out but still. Its the prime example of wait a bit before buying an entirely new model.


Detroit Free Press reported on the problems a lot of owners are facing with thew new model. Some owners have reported problems within a day or 2 of taking delivery. One owner summed up her problems within a day of getting it and is sorry she bought it: “It wasn’t more than 24 hours since I drove it off the lot that I had my first problem — a leaky sunroof … A week or so later, it was seat belts that didn’t work, and now it has been in the shop for nearly a week for computer malfunctions which had my crash detection set off when driving on a quiet road. The parking brake came on while driving, and a major transmission fault alarm went off. When they were fixing it, the seat controls went.”

The problems are lengthy and detailed and the article is worth reading. Suffice to say, its not a good look right now for Lincoln.

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