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Line etiquette question

Last night I went to Publix for a sub. There were two people currently being helped and one lady waiting. One man was getting 3 subs and the other set being helped was an elderly couple so you can imagine things weren’t super quick. The woman ahead of me grew impatient, said “this is gonna take too long” after I had been there a few minutes, walked away and looked at some pre made sandwiches in a cooler, and then came back into the same spot in line ahead of me.

Is this allowed? My initial reaction is to say no. Once you leave the line and make a statement like you don’t intend to return; you lose your spot. Right? I didn’t argue because I was too tired to really care. It wound up not mattering anyway because both people getting food already finished about the same time and we both were served and finished at about the same rate.


I almost touched the baby closest in the picture. These geese did not care about the massive amount of people around.

Extraneous information: the woman was extremely rude. She stood uncomfortably close to the man ahead of her. I initially thought she was with him. He was clearly not happy about her practically touching him. He kept shifting to get some space and she kept moving closer like someone at a red light that thinks inching up means you’ll get going faster. She barked orders at the woman making her sandwich. Wanted everything extra for the same price as a normal sandwich. She tried the complain until the person gives in approach but it didn’t work. Anyone who has worked in food service knows the type I mean. She was the type of woman that probably has her food spit in a lot.

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