This bike started life as a 1998 Honda Shadow 750, but has evolved into something else entirely. While the core of the Shadow series remains – a reliable daily rider with a liquid-cooled engine that’s cheap to maintain – the
exterior has become an elegant amalgam of retro styles and modern flourishes.

Working with the builders at Kreater Custom Cycles in Toronto, Canada, the following has been done:

- blacked out engine
- vintage Triumph tank.
- intake mounted under tank
- custom bars with an internal throttle
- hard tail converson (LOLOL so you bolted in a peice of steel instead of a shock, nice ‘converstion”)
- custom sprung seat in a contrast leather
- matching leather tank strap and grips
- new rear fender supports with vintage Harley fender
- aftermarket retro front fender
- new brakes with large vented rotors and Harley callipers
- LED one color brake light/turn indicators
- Black Harley rims
- Avon Tires
- low profile LED speedometer
- custom low profile battery compartment side panels.
- vintage single side panier with mounting bracket
- new paint on tank, fenders, and headlamp
- aftermarket exhaust with heat wrap “

so. Based of a 98 honda shadow 750...16k km...and it was appraised at 27K.

yours for the low low price of 12K!

5 digits for a hacked together 98 SHADOW 750.

EDIT: for the record, i found a clean 98 shadow. same km. 3300$ for this guy wants 4 times the price of a 1/2 decent one with the worlds WORST ‘hardtail conversion’ done to it.