Since I’m getting married in a week and a half one of my buddies here at college hosted a “stock the bar”. Basically, everyone brings some liquor for me to stock my bar with once I have my own place. I didn’t expect anything nice since we’re all college kids or about to be alumni but I have good friends that for some reason got me pretty dang nice stuff. So here is the haul.

1) The Glenlivet Founders Reserve


Smooth start with a note that peaks, then relaxes and leaves a gentle, sweet flavor that leaves you with a warm feeling. Bought this for everyone to sip on while we were hanging out. 7/10.

2) Stranahans Colorado Whiskey

The best whiskey I have ever had in my life. Flavor hits every taste bud strong and then sits leaving you with a smile. Friend bought this for me. Actual 10/10.

3) Laphroaig 10 Year


I haven’t tried this yet but have only seen good thing. Can’t wait for this one.

4) George Dickel Rye Whiskey


A classic strong whiskey. Any recommendations on how to drink this one?

5) Candian Club


Someone had to bring me a cheap one as a joke. College kids after all, right?

There were a couple guys that couldn’t make it and told me they are bringing their gift later. I may update the list if I get the chance but I have a busy next week and a half. If I didn’t get anything else I would still be happy. This is already a great way to get myself into some more upper class drinks.