Listen To The Vendor (New Wheel Alert)

So I got new wheels for the G, which you can see below:

I got them in 19x9.5 +35 with 255/40s at all 4 corners so I could rotate them. The default choice for Gs is usually 19x8.5/9.5. I should have went with 8.5s all around... I had to spend an extra $150 or so to get spacers on the front, and now I have some pretty mean poke.


The vendor even called me to ask if I was sure if I wanted that combo and I insisted. Oh well. The rubbing is not too bad and I should be able to eliminate it completely with a little more camber. Don’t worry, we are not completely stancing it out; I drive it hard so I need it to be aligned within reason. But yea, next set of wheels, definitely listening to the vendor. It does look absolutely insane though.

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