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All the cars I have driven and can remember, listed with engine (I4 is inline four, I4D inline diesel four) and transmission.

Vauxhall Viva HB I4 3A

Escort Mk1 I4 3A

Mini Classic I4 4M

Opel Kadett D I4 4M

Volvo 66 I4 CVT

Escort Mk3 I4 3A

Opel Rekord E I4 3A

Nissan Micra Mk1 I4 3A

Nissan Micra Mk1 I4 5M

Audi 80 Coupé I5 3A

Nissan Sunny I4 3A

Renault 12 I4 3A

Renault 18 I4 3A

Honda Civic I4 4A

Rover 213 I4 3A

Opel Vectra I4 4A

Talbot Solara I4 3A

Merc 230TE W123 I4 4A

Merc 300D W123 I5D 4A

Toyota Corolla E80 I4 3A

Smart Mk1 I3 6AMT

Focus Mk2 I4 5M

Focus Mk2 I4D 6DCT

Focus Mk3 I4D 6M

Mondeo Mk1 I4 5M

Mondeo Mk2 I4 5M

Oldsmobile ? I4 4A

Dodge Stratus Mk1 I4 4A

Buick Century V6 4A

Chrysler 300 V6 4A

Mitsubishi Galant I4 4A

Dodge Avenger I4 4A

Dodge Stratus Mk2 I4 4A

Mitsubishi FTO V6 4A

Renault Modus I4 5M

Peugeot 205 I4 4M

LR Discovery Mk1 I4D 5M

BMW 320i E30 I6 4A

BMW 316i E30 I4 5M

Prius Mk2 I4 eCVT

Citroen C3 I4 5AMT

Citroen C3 I4D 5AMT

Citroen C5 I4D 6A

Citroen C4 Picasso I4D 6A

Peugeot 107 I3 5AMT

Hyundai i10 I4 5M

Renault Clio I4 5M

Fiat 500 I4 5AMT

Citroen C3 Picasso I4D 6AMT

Bollore Bluecar EV -

BMW 520 E12 I6 3A

Alfa 156 I4 5M

Toyota Carina I4 5M

Nissan Micra Mk2 I4 CVT

Nissan Micra Mk2 I4 5M

Nissan Micra Mk3 I4 4A

Toyota Corolla E90 I4D 5M

Ford Ka Mk1 I4 5M

Fiesta Mk2 I4 CVT

I’m guessing I’m the only person here who has driven several of these, like the Solara and the Bluecar. And the Volvo 66 and the Renault 12. And the Rover 213. And the diesel Corolla. And a 2 litre diesel Focus with a DCT. And a Fiat 500 Dualogic.


Some going away points: no V8s. No 5 speed automatics. No VWs. Five different AMTs.

Have a Rover 213.

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