Little-known fact

the Flintstones actually drove an XJS.

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Expected and fairly typical rust. The drain lines that are supposed to carry condensation away from the A/C airbox are half the size on an XJS as they are on other cars. This results in pools of water developing in the dash which then slosh into the footwells and, amusingly, the dashboard electronics like the super finnicky A/C controls and the radio. Once moisture touches the carpet in the footwells you can kiss your floorboards goodbye. An insane half-inch of sound deadening material collects moisture from across the known universe and holds it dear against the ungalvanized yet fairly thick steel. This results in easily-repairable fairly localized rust that is trivial to cut out and weld in a new floor pan. Hopefully I’ll have that done by the end of July. In the meantime I’ve put three rubber floor mats down, replaced the plywood floor that was in place, and put another floor mat on that. Nice and quiet now.

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