Inspired by Univision’s own Lifehacker.

Ummm. Read the fucking book or you can swallow your, apparently, piety pride and admit you haven’t read it. What amazing concepts! It’s a shame I can’t think of an unnecessarily complicated euphemism or come up with some trendy buzzwords to call them, because then they’d be taken seriously!

Now on to the main topic of the rant. What the hell is with people who don’t try at all in college? I understand in HS, because you’re legally obligated to be there. But fucking college!? You had to apply and pay good money to be there, so why the hell are people on their phones during class and ironically doing everything they can to do the least they can. You payed your tuition, came to class, why the fuck would you then just blow it off? It’s insanity.


I hate to use “inspirational” quotes, but it reminds me of something my football coaches used to tell us.

“If you don’t put any effort into this, you’re only cheating/sabotaging yourself.”


For example, one comment on the above article was by someone saying they’d passed a literature class and only read a few chapters of one book and sparknotesing the rest. I thought, “Joke’s on you sucker! You payed X amount of money to learn what someone could’ve read off sparknotes in 30 minutes!”

I know sometimes you have to take a class not related to your major and that you’re not interested in. But still give half a shit, you have to pay for it so get your money’s worth from it. Also you never know whether that information will be useful some time later, or... you may even find you like it!


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to study 12 hours a day and get straight A’s (I’m somewhat opposed to that thinking as well). I’m just saying, at least give half a shit ffs.

Edit: I guess the moral of the story, is that if you don’t put any genuine effort into something you’ll never get any meaningful value from the outcome. But if you honestly try at it, you’ll actually find out if you value or don’t value the outcome of it.