My MR2 isn’t dead, so I’ve started fixing some of the little things. It was a good weekend.

First up, a fog light that doesn’t work. Just replace the bulb right? Well. It seems the bolts that hold these on usually rust solid. People seem to think a screw extractor kit is the only way to remove them, as if the screwdriver isn’t even worth attempting! There’s a good site that sells a set of replacement bolts, but shipping to Australia was more than $50. Anyway, I had a shot and the screws came out relatively easily. So I popped down to the store and grabbed some fresh replacements. They lack that fat cylinder at the top, but hold the lights in securely. Problem solved.

Old and new


Now, the bulb. Turns out because it’s JDM it uses an H3C bulb, much harder to find than its H3 brethren. My hopes of finding something brighter turned to hopes of getting a bulb at all. Ended up finding one locally for $35. Could be worse.

I can’t rotate this photo

I also have some carpet studs missing from the boot. I spent some time trying to find these online, but the diagrams are hard to find and retailers are even harder. But apparently they’re used on just about every Toyota ever, so I went to the wreckers. I couldn’t find the same ones, but I found something better!

New stud on the left


They’re the same fit but they have a bigger surface area. The old studs tended to slip through the holes made for them in the carpet because their heads aren’t big enough, so these are absolutely perfect and a dream come true! They came out of a Lexus or Camry or something.

At the bottom of this stud you can see the carpet slipping out. It’s just too small. Thanks, Toyota


Getting better every day