Live from NHMS, It's the 24 Hours of Lemons

It’s time for the 3rd annual Halloween Hooptiefest at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. I’m here currently fielding the word’s worst Dodge Daytona Shelby in it’s last ever race. We’re themed up as the magnificent Dodge HellKitten (for when 707hp is just too much). Car is through tech and we’re settling in for the night before the green flies tomorrow morning. I will have a phone in the car streaming as much as I can for the whole race. Come check it out.

The stream should be up at the following link (no idea if I can embed it) starting by 9:45am at the latest.


I’ll be throwing updates to our facebook page all weekend as well.…

As this is the last race for the Daytona, we’re putting in a strong effort to pull off a Class win. Wish us luck. Schedule for the weekend is below. You should also be able to watch live timing for the event here:


Saturday, 24 October 2015
7am: Gates open
9am: Mandatory drivers’ meeting
10am-5pm: Race session I


Sunday, 25 October 2015
9am-4:30pm: Race session II
4:30pm: Checkered flag
5pm: Awards
7pm: Gates close

If you tune in for the start, lemons does a rolling start. Everyone goes out and circles under yellow for a few laps while they verify all the transponders are working. Once everyone is out they drop the green at random and off we go.

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