If I’m being honest about the Rhode Island DMV, it’s loads better than it used to be. Back in the day we had a bunch of locations, but the main one was in Pawtucket, in a former Apex department store. It was awful.

Now they’ve got a dedicated building in Cranston, and it’s honestly not half bad. The people are nice, it’s quick if you show up early, and it’s generally not as unpleasant a place as it used to be.

What is unpleasant is RI’s sales tax rules for “Cars of Particular Interest”. You’re paying tax on NADA clean retail all day, no matter how not-clean or even complete your car is. There’s an appeals process that works fine, but I’m probably about to be taxed on $5-6000 for my ‘86 Mustang...which as a quick refresher, looked like this when I bought it:

Resolution: They wound up taxing me on $3825, which still sucks! But doesn’t suck as much as it could have, so that’s nice.


Now the Mustang is insured and registered...which means I'm driving it to work tomorrow for the first time. Woo!