Some of these are pretty odd, especially numba 10

10. Tic Tac Livery

Yessss, I love it. All the dots. There was also one in DTM, it was mostly green, but I could not find a good picture of it.

9. BRE Livery


I love BRE. Especially on a 510.

8. Martini


Dat mix of colors.... mmmm. Looks good on ALMOST everything.

7. Corvette C7.R


Yes, it's a bit bland, but I like it. I don't know why.

6. APR


Droooool. I love this livery, especially the silver and red on black. Plus, they are <10 minutes away from me, so it's kind of my home race team. Of, course they abandoned the Grand Am effort, but I think they are still in Continental.. I'd have to check.

5. Sunoco


That red chin... The perfect dark blue, yellow... What's not to love?

4. Audi's 80s-90s livery


That combo of colors is awesome. Yes, the classic Audi livery.

3. Deltawing 2014


The extra red, black and yellow really bring out it's shape, it looks amazing, it's not so damn bland anymore. Thank you, Deltawing Racing. You still need more sponsors, get to work.

2. Repsol


In my opinion, Repsol is one of the greatest liveries ever, and it looks amazing with black highlights under it. For example, the motorcycle liveries.

1. Rebellion


Just look at it. That's why it is numba one.

Many honorable mentions.

Including one I forgot to put in earlier:


Volvo's WTCC livery... How did I leave this out.

-Gulf: Amazing, but I think it is too overused.. Still amazing however.

-JPS: It's too.. meh... for me.

-Lotus Racing: The green with yellow stripe

-STP: Basically Gulf with brighter red/pink

-Red Bull: #11 for me

Place any suggestion below