As the others were so kind as to organise the whole shebang, all I had to do was throw some spare clothes and even more beer into the trunk and off I was into the unknown. In hindsight, it would have been wise to watch some ring videos or play a cheap generic racing game and try to memorize which part of the track follows which. As it is just blind crests and curves, driving the ring by sight isn’t much better than driving it by feel, or by sound.

This shot was taken after I had finally grown the balls to pass Bvdv - The dutch engineer in his white Twingo only to realise that the caroussel was next. Fuuuuuuuck!!!! I decided to ride it out on the banked concrete and not do anything sudden. Unfortunately that meant that I couldn’t get out of the way of Mr Porsche who came barelling down at incredible speed. But all in all, 10/10 will do again, especially with such a nice crowd like the Europpos.

4muddyfeet was hauling ass by the way. While I got passed by a lot of other oppos, he did the opposite. Never laugh a a taped up diesel Skoda!


Duurtlang as was really fast as well. Our cars are pretty even matched, but I couldn’t (or didn’t dare to) keep up with him.