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The neighborhood I live in has been super quiet the whole year-and-a-bit I’ve lived there and nobody really bothers locking their doors or anything and unattended motorcycles are a common sight so I figured it was pretty low-key. Being a block from a police station probably has something to do with it. Then on Friday a bunch of tools got stolen from a business two blocks away, I saw a truck hauling an obviously-stolen motorcycle (Yamaha R6 just tossed in the bed with a haphazard single ratchet strap holding it down, front fairings getting TRASHED because it was laid over onto the toolbox) past my apartment, then Saturday I broke through the haze enough to finally clean the apartment up a bit (we gotta drink less soda holy shit) and my neighbor approached me saying some dude blitzed out of his mind tried to get into her apartment while she was home and was messing with the Sportcross. So that’s lovely. Wife is freaked out in typical fashion and doesn’t want to take the dog out on her own any more. Great good love it.

Lease is up so I can bounce whenever. Issue is having a large dog means finding rentals is tough even though she’s a sweetie who doesn’t dig into carpet, scratch doors, etc. at all. Ideally I’d find a duplex set up the right way (garages separating the living spaces. Seriously why would you build one any other way?) but the dog thing is tough and I’ve been biding my time. With how frequently I’ve been getting raises my budget might suddenly go up and I don’t wanna be stuck renting trap house when I could have afforded a shithole. That’d be a real bummer.


Happy miat for your time and a reminder that stock NA springs are trash and should immediately be replaced with literally anything else. A whoopie cushion, perhaps.


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